Saturday, April 26, 2014

JOurneY Experience

What is Journey? It’s what we’re all on. Except there are many ways to experience and live out the time we have. The standard method is to live for safety or outcomes and follow what parents, society and history tell us we should do. Then there are others who take an entirely different route. They are oriented toward finding their greatest self expression in various aspects of life. They are uniquely themselves and architect their lives according to their own rules. How do they do it?

The JOurneY Framework uncovers the key aspects of the journey. Developed over a decade by Bijoy as he went on his journey and documented his progress. JOurneY was further refined as he helped individuals, organizations and communities steward their unique journeys. JOurneY is a treasure map to help you discover the hidden patterns already present in your life, navigate the choppy waters and come to the shore of your way.

The JOurneY Experience is Morpheus and Neo’s red/blue pill conversation. The conversation happens over 4 evenings on 4 consecutive Mondays from 6-8:30pm at Golab Austin, with optional beers and food at Easy Tiger afterward. In a space of contemplation you will learn the JOurneY Model and reflect on yours. Siminars will host additional material and self-guided activities during the week. The experience culminates in your decision to steward your journey – or not. Nothing wrong with the blue pill!

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